Hello our most wonderful wedding planner!
Gretchen Bleiler & Chris Hotell, June 2010

Our time on our honeymoon gave us a lot of time to reflect on everything and we both have just the warmest feelings when we think about our week long celebration in Dominical…

I was never the little girl that dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding but it’s exactly what I got and I could not be any happier about it! Having our wedding in Costa Rica was a shock for a lot of family members and when we first made our decision, I had my doubts too. Growing up in Aspen, I always imagined that’s where I would get married, but Costa Rica was magic and it was the perfect place (in large part because of you and all of your passion and never ending determination) for Chris and I to start our lives together. Aspen is my hometown but Costa Rica is a place where Chris and I want to spend time together down the road, so then the ceremony on the beach foreshadows what will be!

Ana we cannot ever thank you enough for giving us one of the best weeks of our lives and memories that we will think about forever.

Ana,words cannot express how grateful Chris and I are for all of the love, time and determination you put into our PERFECT Wedding.

Much Love


Lauren / Abby Ross

Prestige Weddings is the best!

Melissa Marinaccio & Eric Kapitulik, March 2010

Ana is so great to work with and a wonderful person. She will make your day exactly what you want and more…my wedding day was perfect and exactly as I planned. Literally, I wouldn’t have changed a thing and I have Ana and Norma to thank for an amazing day and trip to Dominical. All our guests want to come back every year!

El Velo Photography

Ana has been a joy to work with over this past year

Amber Earls & Matt Ewert – July 2011

She is a perfectionist and was very open to and inviting of my many ideas, questions, and preferences of how I wanted things for our wedding. Although we were supposed to have our wedding on the beach, there was a terrible storm… luckily, not only did Ana have a Plan B, but she also had a Plan C when we couldn’t have the ceremony on the porch because of the weather. If we didn’t have Ana, I don’t know that our wedding would have been able to go on! Everything turned out beautifully because of her hard work and creative ideas. She even hand made seashell ties for napkin holders and handpicked rocks from the beach because we wanted to use them as place settings for the table! I would recommend Ana and Prestige Weddings & Events to anyone who is looking for an exciting wedding in Costa Rica!

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“Your process in planning my wedding was flawless”

Summer Bradley & Kelly Chiusano, November 2011

Dear Ana,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and planning for my wedding.  I could not have been more pleased with the results of how everything turned out for our very special day!

Your process in planning my wedding was flawless; I found it very easy to communicate with you and express my visions that eventually became a reality.  Your contract services were easy to understand and I was very pleased with what you offered for the price.  I initially had some reservations about planning a destination wedding; having now experienced it, I would recommend it to anyone as long as they lock up an amazing planner which you certainly proved to be.

I was completely relaxed the day of the wedding; I knew you had everything ready to go and were organized with all the different vendors involved in making the wedding happen.  I was especially pleased with your concerns about helping me to get a last minute guest gift after mine were lost in transit to Costa Rica.  The vendors were on time and delivered everything as promised.  The food was absolutely amazing and I received several compliments on the elegant table settings.  I really had no expectations of the day, but I can say that what you were able to produce was over any expectations I could have hoped for.  The wedding was beautiful, classic, and simply perfect!

Again thanks for all your help in making my day so very special and memorable!


Summer & Kelly

El Velo Photography

Anokh and I are so grateful to you for all your dedication,
professionalism and passion

Claire and Anokh, 17 april 2017


All the family just left and we were able to just relax and regroup a bit this evening. Anokh and I are so grateful to you for all your dedication, professionalism and passion for making sure we had the wedding of our dreams and that our vision came to life. It feels like a dream. Our vision came to life and we just could not believe how perfect everything turned out. I enjoyed the planning process with you and our collaborative effort and can not express to you enough gratitude for ensuring the final product matched the vision. I can not get over how beautiful everything was – and I really loved the place setting. The cake was beautiful – the sugar flowers especially and the design was even better than our inspiration photo. I really appreciated that the cake maker came back to fix the sugar flower when it came off. That dedication and professionalism did not go unnoticed. The caterer was amazing! The food (especially the profiteroles) was mouth watering. The only thing that slowed us down was the heat:) The drinks were excellent and that is coming from Anokh – a bartender himself! The flowers were so rich in color and vibrant – I am so happy that we added the flowers to the guest book table and sweet table. It just tied everything together so nicely. I am so happy that you talked us out of the birds of paradise on the place setting and placing them elsewhere. Thank you so much for assisting us with the planning, making our lives easier and allowing us to enjoy the day. I felt such at ease on the wedding day and knew you would ensure everything was completed the way it was intended to be.

Feel free to use photos from our wedding on your website and Facebook page. We would be honored. We just got our sneak peek wedding photos from El Velo Photography and they took our breath away. They came out so beautiful. It was such an amazing and special day and we are so happy we could share our day with you.

You went above and beyond and we both very much appreciated that!

We are both missing Costa Rica desperately and cannot wait to come back soon!

Thank you once again with all our heart for making our dream wedding!

Claire and Anokh

El Velo Photography

Ana far exceeded our expectations in the entire planning process.

Beth & Stephen Blumenfeld – August 2014

Ana far exceeded our expectations in the entire planning process. From the beginning, she used her vast connections to secure reliable vendors, from the furniture rental to the floral arrangements to the violinist, and never once caused me to worry. She negotiated directly with them and made sure they showed up when promised. She did not give me a hard time when I wanted to bring my own photographer and videographer, although she has great ones to recommend.

Ana was extremely thorough and responsive to my many, many, many, MANY emails, whether it was related to finding a place for our rehearsal dinner, changes in furniture requests, or the specifics we needed for our Jewish wedding (chuppah, easel for the ketubah, table for the Kiddush cups, etc…). We worked through pinterest so she could see my vision and everything turned out as I would have expected!Ana provided a detailed budget and updated frequently with all of our requests for changes so we knew what to expect. The day of the wedding.

Ana hired an assistant to help with the details and had a few other reliable hands on deck in case the weather shifted and we would have to move the ceremony location. If anything went wrong, I never knew – it was a perfect day and I attribute a lot of that to Ana!

It wasn’t until our one pre-wedding trip down to Costa Rica, in May, that we actually go to meet Ana. As warm and pleasant as she was over email, in person we really connected with her. Immediately, she felt like someone we had known forever and also someone we would want to know forever. She offered options when asked and decisive opinions when it was needed.

Without reservation, I (and my whole family for that matter) can absolutely attest to how wonderful it was to work with Ana. We wholeheartedly recommend her and I will gladly speak to any potential clients. I consider Ana my friend now, not just my wedding planner.

Beth Blumenfeld

Ana was very personable from the minute we communicated.

Andrea & Zang 2015

Ana Montesino was our wedding planner for our destination wedding in Dominical, Costa Rica in January 2015. My husband and I decided on a destination wedding in Costa Rica, and specifically picked Ana from a multitude of people. Ana was very personable from the minute we communicated. We were a little apprehensive of planning a destination wedding and never having been to Costa Rica before, we relied on Ana’s expertise and knowledge. Ana was amazing and I never had any concerns about our wedding or things that could wrong. Our invitations and wedding information was all through the website the Knot. Ana took the time to contribute and provided many details regarding accommodations, what to wear, travel, weather and climate and other recommendations for our guest. She also offered and communicated quite frequently with our guests who needed assistance with reservations for hotel, car, or any questions they had.

Ana and I communicated via email, skype, or face time. Throughout the wedding planning process Ana allowed my husband and I to ask all questions we had regarding the wedding logistics. Ana also made sure she was clear on what our expectation and vision of the wedding was. Ana was very detail orientated and made sure everything was perfect. I had a popcorn bar at my wedding and explained to Ana that I would like the flavors of popcorn rotated throughout the reception. She made sure that later on in the evening the flavors were rotated and the presentation was Immaculate of the popcorn bar. I was never stressed or worried that about the wedding as Ana was very organized and always answered our questions. I trusted Ana and her expertise and experience. I highly recommend Ana wedding coordinator services.

Ana Montesino is personable, caring, an excellent listener, and I believe is the best wedding planner. The guest at our wedding said everything was perfect from the rehearsal dinner, ceremony on the beach, dinner, and reception, along with and the decorations/floral arrangements. Ana made our dream wedding come true and became our friend. When we go back to Costa Rica, we plan on visiting Ana and her family.

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She is the most approachable, genuine person and an impeccable organizer!

Helen & Tom, 16/02/18

“My husband and I had our Ceremony with Prestige in February 2018 and it could not have been better. Ana was an angel and we communicated for several months, across continents and languages, and she curated a dream wedding for us. A true fairytale forest wedding, small and intimate, full of beautiful detail, everything (and more!) we had hoped for. She is the most approachable, genuine person and an impeccable organizer! Everything was perfect, I cannot recommend Ana and Prestige highly enough”

El Velo Photography

Ana is so much more than a wedding planner. 

Jillian & Eric, 10 July 2018

She is a dream-maker, and she is the kind of person you wish you could have coffee with every Sunday morning.

My fiancé and I met Ana about a year before our wedding, when we visited Costa Rica looking for venues. Ana’s glow of warmth was immediately palpable, and we felt comfortable with her from the first moment. I was incredibly apprehensive about working with a planner because, as a wedding industry professional myself, I have an aversion to repeating the same trends I see over and over again in my line of work.  I was worried that any planner would push a cookie-cutter wedding on me, and that was not at all what I wanted.  Instead, Ana listened to our unique vision for our wedding and offered her advise, without steering us away from the goal. She put me at ease and helped me to put my vision into perspective with a healthy dose of reality-checking.

Job One was to find us a venue. And we were not easy shoppers when it came to our wedding location. We needed a family-style estate with epic views, and a jungle area both easy to get to, and out of eye-shot of any sign of civilization.  She knew right away that we would love Villa Mayana, and although it involved some manuevering she managed to find a time to show us the property between guest reservations. We loved the home but weren’t sure where to put our ceremony. Ana showed us at least half a dozen possible locations on the property which would make perfectly lovely ceremony spots, but we weren’t sold until we saw “the monkey spot”.  It was just the perfect distance from the house, out of eyeshot of the driveway, and covered with gorgeous tall trees and hanging vines. We went back to California feeling accomplished in having found an amazing venue for our wedding, and after just a few weeks of deliberation we enlisted Ana as our planner and put in a deposit on Villa Mayana.

In the months that lead up to our wedding, Ana thought of everything. She followed a timeline that did not feel rushed, nor did it move too slowly. She kept everything on track perfectly. I was not an easy bride to work with. I could not find the table and chairs I wanted from the same rental company as the plates and cutlery. I wanted everything open air (no coverage) in a place that rains every day. When Ana convinced me a tent would be needed, I only liked the tents from yet another rental company. I needed a musician who didn’t not use any pre-recorded backgound music. I needed a makeup artist with an international resume. I refused to have artificial light used at our reception dinner, even though candles would likely be blown out if there was any wind at the hillside dinner location. Ana found everything I asked for, from the exact styling of lanterns and candleholders I liked, to the perfect plates and gold cutlery, to the ideal musician. She thought of things I didn’t, like having an assistant go to the beach with us for family photos, and how to make sure our photo team was fed. She kept her eye on the budget, kept us in the loop on every decision, and shared documentation with us that made me feel relaxed, knowing everything was under Ana’s supervision.

I was fortunate that Ana lives on the same property as Villa Mayana, so she was easy to access during the days leading up to the wedding, but also our whole family was totally taken with her. She is a delight. In Ana’s presence you feel at home. In fact, we wanted to take her home.  She is smart, she is on top of her game, she is organized, and she is funny, kind, and interesting. Every time we saw Ana during our wedding week it was a high point.

Our wedding was truly better than I imagined it would be. I can honestly say that.  And, maybe this is a little weird, but when I saw how stunning our ceremony space was and how stellar our dinner setting was, it was a love and appreciation for Ana that welled up in me. She nailed it.  There’s no other way to describe it. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the work she did, and I couldn’t help but think “Thank you Ana”, like a mantra, at least a couple dozen times during our wedding day. She plucked my vision out of my head, made it real, and added to it, until it was more perfect than I had imagined it could be.

We’d had a lot of back and forth about rain and wind, how much to prepare, and what that preparation would entail. Ana the realist, and me the idealist. Boy was I happy I had listened to her advice when it rained on our wedding day. Because of Ana’s preparation there was literally no downside to the rain. We were able to enjoy every aspect of our day amid the changing sky and intermittent sprinkles and showers.

Ana approached me before we left Villa Mayana at the end of the week and told me how much she loved creating our wedding, and how this unique, intimate, and creative event was exactly what she wanted to be doing. As a unique bride with an unconventional style, it was wonderful to know that she loved the process of creating this experience together. It was a collaboration that I will always hold dear to my heart. I went home from our wedding week with a pang in my heart that I wouldn’t get to be working with Ana anymore. I miss her. That’s how good she is.

Chirs & Ruth

“Ana, you are amazing!

Johnny & Desiree Feb 28, 2018

Our wedding was a huge success thanks to you. You were on top of everything and had it all under control. We will never forget what an awesome event you helped put together. From the music to the food catering you helped choose, it was all top of the line. Wouldn’t have been the same without you. You made everything flow smoothly. Everyone sends their regards and love. Keep up the GREAT work…Blessings and continued success”

Kevin Heslin

“Thank you so much for fulfilling our dream”

Dylan and Maricela Park , 2 May 2019

Prestige Weddings and Events, thank you so much for fulfilling our dream, responsibility, punctuality, dedication and love towards our experience, Ana Montesino beyond words can’t express how grateful we are, happiness and joy are our feelings after you helped us create our dream. Casa Ramón was the Perfect venue for us, we absolutely loved every little detail we created together with your help, So so happy to have chosen prestige Weddings and Events for leading us and guiding us throughout our process on getting married. Thank you, Thank you Ana.

Magic Flute